Epithalon (Epithalamin / Epithalone) – 10MG per vial


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Anti-aging by way of increased telomerase production, which also allows replication of DNA so the body can rejuvenate old cells and grow new cells.

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Clinical Test Expectation Epithalon – Human Subjects : Anti-aging by way of increased telomerase production, which also allows replication of DNA so the body can rejuvenate old cells and grow new cells.
Strength – 10MG per vial

Epitalon’s primary role is to¬†increase the natural production of telomerase, a natural enzyme that helps cells reproduce telomeres, which are the protective parts of our DNA. This allows the replication of our DNA so the body can grow new cells and rejuvenate old ones.

Epitalon is a synthetic peptide, telomerase activator, and putative anti-aging drug, which was identified as the putative active component of a bovine pineal gland extract known as epithalamin. Most studies on epitalon and epithalamin have been conducted by the St. Petersburg Institute of Bioregulation and Gerontology, primarily overseen by Vladimir Khavinson, in Russia.

Epitalon (also spelled Epithalon or Epithalone) is a synthetic variation of Epithalamin; a peptide secreted in the pineal gland of the brain. The pineal gland is a small pea-shaped gland sometimes referred to as ‚Äėthe third eye.‚Äô It is more famous for secreting melatonin, the hormone associated with regulating our sleep/wake cycles.

Epitalon, often touted as ‚Äėthe fountain of youth,‚Äô is a peptide made of four amino acids. These are alanine, glutamic acid, glycine, and aspartic acid. Peptides are short-chain amino acids that comprise two to fifty chains, which differentiate them from proteins (proteins have more than fifty chains). This peptide increases the natural production of telomerase, an enzyme that aids cells in producing telomeres, the productive parts of our DNA. The production of telomeres helps the body to produce new cells and rejuvenate the old ones.

Unfortunately, as we age, our bodies produce less and less telomerase. This affects cell replication resulting in aging. Epitalon is designed to reverse this process. Vladimir Khavinson, who studied it and conducted human and animal trials for over 35 years. These trials proved that this peptide is quite effective in fighting aging.

Epitalon is part of the new age ‚Äėpeptide therapies,‚Äô an emerging science that uses peptides to signal different cells in the body to trigger different chemical reactions. These reactions have far-reaching effects on wound healing, muscle building, weight loss, and anti-aging.

Dosing Details
You inject 2ml water into the vial of Epithalon from the water vial. 1 full syringe is 1ml. You then wait for the vial powder content to dissolve ON ITS OWN. DO NOT SHAKE THE VIAL TO MIX POWDER. Once dissolved and clear in colour you draw out 30 (3 units) on the syringe each night before bed and inject it into the tummy under the skin into the fatty skin layer.

How long will a vial last ?
A vial should last 7 days.


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