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As a company, the security of our customers’ personal details is our top priority. Not only do we use the highest level of encryption of your data but we also have a policy never to share your information with third parties without your permission.

PayFlex with 3D Secure

Peptides Worldwide accepts PayPal as method of payment in order to offer buyer protection. On purchase of your goods, we supply within 24 hours a proof of delivery in the form of a tracking number that can be used to locate your parcel in transit. We make use of TNT, DHL, FedEx, EMS, USPS for deliveries worldwide.

3D Secure, also known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode or Amex Safekey, is a method of authentication security, which was developed by the Card Schemes to enhance the security of online transactions for all cardholders. It allows only the cardholder to use the card when shopping online.

The three domains referred to in “3D” Secure consist of the cardholder to issuer domain, the merchant to acquiring bank domain and the interbank domain. Very simply, the system authenticates the cardholder before any transaction can take place, by diverting the cardholder to the browser of the bank that issued the card.

The bank then requests a password or One Time Password/PIN (OTP), from the cardholder, which is typically sent to their mobile phones, which will prove that the person undertaking the online transaction is the authenticated cardholder and therefore entitled to use the card.

Peptides Worldwide offer the following payment methods:

Peptides Worldwide accepts PayFlex and BANK TT as methods of payment in order to offer buyer protection. On purchase of your goods, we supply within 24 hours a proof of delivery in the form of a tracking number that can be used to locate your parcel in transit. We make use of TNT, DHL, FedEx, EMS, USPS for deliveries worldwide

Our call centre and satellite offices are located in UK, USA, Indonesia, China. Our company is registered in South Africa as these items are still legal in South Africa, this makes our business legal. Our products are produced in South Africa, for quality reasons, and bulk shipped to the 4 warehouse locations around the world – UK, USA, Indonesia, China. From these points they are shipped to clients. We select the dipatch based on the routes available and destination address.

It takes around 3 – 5 days to prepare the parcels for dispatch and check the routes available. Delivery to EU countries can take up to 14 days. Most other regions take approximately 7 days.

During the lyophilization process, a nitrogen flush is added to remove any contaminants. This stage of the manufacturing process can affect the appearance of the peptide. Other factors such as the temperature or the leakage of water vapour from the vial can cause the contents to stick to the side of the vial. Although it may not be visible to the human eye, all our vials are filled automatically and contain exactly the same quantity of peptide.

Peptides vary in the degree to which they are soluble in bacteriostatic water. This is especially true of ones which contain multiple hydrophobic amino acid residues. If you have difficulties in dissolving the peptide, we recommend you use a small quantity of dilute (approximately 10%) of aqueous acetic acid for basic peptides or aqueous ammonia for acidic peptides. The addition of these liquids should improve the dissolution of the peptide.

Yes, absolutely. We stand by the quality of all our products and strongly urge you to have them tested by any impartial third party laboratory. Tests which can be carried out include mass-spec, AAA, Maldimass and HPLC.

It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure they know which peptide is the most appropriate for their research purposes. For obvious reasons, we could never resell a product which had been returned to us. We can only replace if it is clear that it has suffered damage in transit.

We send all orders with only your name and address on the package. The order itself is wrapped in bubble wrap to ensure it won’t be damaged in transit. In this way, we ensure full security and complete discretion. We are considering your privacy at all times so parcels are sent with no indication of their contents inside along with a return address.

As part of our discretionary measures with regards to customs clearance, country dependant, we sometimes have to ship vials unlabled. Color chart for peptide lid lid colors received can be requested by email or on Whatsapp.

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